Don's Big Show

13 December 2001


4:00 - 5:00
Images on the wall, liquid refreshments, 100 Bag Display, Music by Barbara Lamb.

5:00 - 6:00
Either Performance or Chaos on the stage will include (but who knows what else will happen)
a. My Big Movie: a compendium of bits and pieces from 1967-2001
b. Kristina's World: a magical display of the real and illusionary
c. Don Sings His One Song, Music by Raybyrd, Music by Spacecraft, Music by Everybody,
Live Dancing Stars and General Pandemonium
d. Fuegos Artificiales: During which you are all invited to join us on the stage
as we are projected upon by video fireworks!

6:00 - 7:00
Aesthetic Food and Drink by Buffy Holton
The BIG 100 Bag Interactive Art Project
Music by The Shoestring Band

The Exhibit:
The one hundred small digital images, the stage performance (if you call it that) and the One Hundred Bag Event you will take part in afterwards, pretty much sum up how I feel about things. I have "worked my way through art and come out the other side." I no longer feel it necessary to justify my work as either art or not. In fact quoting from Marshal McLuhan, I would like to think "I do everything the best I can."

These images, performances and events are usually not done alone.
the little marrowbone repair corp. is a group of friends who get together and do stuff.
The "stuff" that you see all around you in time and space exists because of this family....
Thank Goodness!!